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Inflection points happen. How will you handle your next one?

Parse Coaching provides executive coaching for leaders at every level. At Parse, Ruthana Seng helps clients make decisions, take action, and lead from a place of deep clarity and insight.

Parse takes an integrative, goal-focused approach that is organized, yet organic, and tailored to each client. At its core, Parse strives for transformational coaching partnerships that start from a place of curiosity and provoke lasting change.


Executive coaching for leaders at every level.

Parse offers one-on-one coaching to senior managers, entrepreneurs, executives, and individuals in-transition. Ruthana specializes in integrative, goal-focused coaching in three areas: leadership, organizational change, and growth. Below are example questions explored in each coaching area.

Elevate how you influence others and drive outcomes.

How do I adapt my leadership style, while still being anchored to who I am?

I’ve received feedback on my: communication, team development, interpersonal skills, etc. — what’s the next step?

I’m facing roadblocks related to: cross-functional alignment, influencing stakeholders, constantly shifting priorities, etc. — how do I make progress?

Organizational Change
Navigate change with a 360° view of yourself, team, and organization.

How do I lead myself — and my team — through a pivot that’s coming (or in process)?

We need to set a new direction — how do I start the change process?

My team has just survived a major change — how do I get everyone motivated again?

Lead from the inside out, grounded in your authentic, integrated self.

I’m at a crossroads and the pros/cons list is even — how do I decide what’s right?

Things are great, but something is still “off” — how do I figure out what that is?

I'm having a hard time changing old habits — what do I need to do differently?


Coaching inspires change.

And lasting change requires turning awareness into insight and then insight into action that actually sticks. At each step, Ruthana will take an integrative, goal-focused approach to help you “parse out” the parts of your situation, thoughts, feelings, and relationships to achieve deep clarity on how to move forward with confidence.

How does coaching work?

Coaching requires a partnership of equals — client-led and coach-driven. During coaching sessions, you’ll reflect on your progress toward your goals. Ruthana will prompt, guide, and deepen your reflection with powerful questions that challenge you to:

  • Uncover underlying assumptions and hidden biases
  • Recognize patterns of behavior and thinking
  • Discern between observation and interpretation
  • Surface internal and external motivators and drivers
  • Reframe and refocus your plan or goals

Three-Phased Coaching Engagement

After an initial conversation to determine fit, we’ll begin a three-phased coaching engagement:


Set the Stage

At the start of the engagement, we will explore the topic(s) that will be the focus of our work and your professional background, current environment, feedback received, etc. We will also define expectations and parameters, e.g. frequency, modality, and any recommended assessment(s). At the end of this phase, Ruthana will create an Engagement Roadmap as a guide for the following sessions.


Experiment, Practice, Reflect

The bulk of the engagement is spent in Phase 2, where you will experiment with specific practices designed to move you toward your stated goals. In session, we’ll reflect on your progress, any blockers or motivators that arise, and adapt, as needed. These practices will be outlined in your Development Plan, which we will co-create at the start of Phase 2.



At Parse, our hope is that clients hone a strong internal compass and achieve deep clarity as integrated, self-directed leaders at work, home, and in their communities. At the end of the engagement, Ruthana will develop a Transition Plan that provides an on-ramp for you to continue to track and put into practice the insights and learnings that came from our sessions.


A productive coaching engagement requires a strong fit between coach and client and a minimum runway of six months to make tangible progress toward goals. Parse Coaching engagements are available in six- or twelve- month increments.

Each coaching engagement includes:

  • Live coaching session (60 min, 1x/month)
  • Live coaching check-ins (30 min, 2x/month)
  • Asynchronous coaching support
  • Deliverables: Engagement Roadmap, Development Plan, Transition Plan

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Parse also offers sliding scale and pro-bono coaching services.

Ruthana Seng


Parse Coaching was founded in 2018 by Ruthana Seng.

Ruthana takes a multidimensional, integrative approach to coaching, drawing from leadership development, organizational change, and mindfulness training and practices. Her formal leadership training began in 1998, and over the last decade, Ruthana served as a senior marketing leader and coach at both startups and large organizations.

She is a certified Organizational and Leadership coach by Northwestern University and holds a BS in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School, and a MS in Learning and Organizational Change from Northwestern University.

Ruthana is a member of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Online Circle, has graduated from the Power of Awareness course certified by the UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, and has cultivated a series of mind-body practices as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200).

Previous clients’ organizations have included AOL, BusinessWire, Quad Learning, Amazon, and TrendKite.

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